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We provide professional pilot car services for oversize loads in the wind energy sector. 


We are hiring drivers.

Do you enjoy driving? Would you like a career that pays well and lets you explore the country?

Great pay.  Changing scenery. Flexibility. Job security.

Read over the information below and then send us an email when you are ready to get started.



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Tamarack Resources USA

Pilot Car Services for the Wind Energy industry.


Tamarack Resources USA provides professional pilot car services for the transport of oversized and overdimensional specialized freight. Look to us for one-call service for front, rear and pole car coverage across the continental U.S.


With a dedicated support staff and all the proper certifications and equipment to ensure safe and legal escorts, we’ll make navigating the ever-changing world of pilot car regulations easy. From planning through final paperwork, we’re more than a protector on the road; we’re a partner by your side.

Tamarack Resources USA invests in the tools and time needed to thoroughly prepare our escorts to succeed and protect your valuable freight. Using detailed training, safety is a way of life for our company. You can expect an inherent focus on safety with every job we pilot for you.

We also offer rewarding career opportunities for Pilot Car Drivers looking to join a world-class leader in the trucking industry guiding a wind energy freight across the country.

Great pay. Changing scenery. Flexibility. Job security.

These are just some of the potential benefits you can reap as a professional pilot car driver with us.

Drivers can expect to make $22.00 per hour with time and a half ($33.00 per hour) after 40 hours each week. You can expect to average 65-75 hours each week.

We work a 3 weeks on and 7-10 days off schedule.

We pay for all of your flights and hotels while out on the road and also provide a daily per diem of $60 to pay for meals and other travel expenses.

We will provide you with a newer model truck (2017-2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500) equipped with all of the tools needed to safely perform your job.

To qualify for this position, you will need to be over the age of 18, have a driver license in good standing, and be willing to work out of town for 3 weeks at a time.

No CDL required.

You will love this job if you enjoy driving and seeing the country.   

You must also have the New York and Washington state Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator Certification.

We can help you get this if needed. 


Our Washington/New York Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator training and certification program is conveniently located in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. A new class is forming now for September 3-4, 2020, so contact us now for more information on how you can get started.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job requirements to qualify as a driver?


In order to work as a pilot car driver with us, you must meet the requirements set by state and federal agencies.

- Be at least 18 years of age.
- Be able to read and speak the English language and do simple math.

- Have the skills to use a map and GPS to navigate and route plan. 
- No loss of a foot, a leg, a hand, or an arm.
- No epilepsy or other condition likely to cause loss of consciousness.

- Have a driver license in good standing. No CDL required.

- Be willing to work out of town for 3 weeks at a time.

- Have or obtain the New York and Washington state Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator Certification.

What does a pilot car/escort driver do?

Most likely you have seen pilot cars…Pickup trucks, SUVs or cars driving in front of or behind a tractor-trailer hauling a wide load or oversize load.

These are called pilot cars or escort vehicles, and the people who drive them are trained professionals who specialize in this type of driving. The pilot car driver is generally someone who is contracted to escort the load through a certain state or states.

A pilot car driver works in conjunction with the driver of an oversize truckload to make sure the truck reaches its destination safely. The pilot driver travels in front of or in back of the truck in a separate vehicle, warning the public if there are traffic changes or obstacles due to the truckload. They also warn the truck if there is anything up ahead that can interfere with its safe passage. Furthermore, the person who is driving the car will be able to communicate via CB radio with the truck driver. This allows the pilot car driver to tell the trucker if there are accidents, traffic backups, or any other situations requiring attention.

An escort car driver ensures that everything from switching lanes to crossing bridges is safe for the heavy haul driver, his load and everyone else on the road.

An escort car also helps to ensure that the driver of an oversized load doesn’t accidentally violate traffic laws or cause an accident, while moving the over dimensional load.

This will be the easiest job you've ever had if you love to drive.


How much money can I earn as a pilot car driver at Tamarack Resources USA?


Most of our drivers can expect to make at least $6000 - $7000 a month by committing to work 3 weeks each month with 7-10 days off. Starting pay is $22/hour with time and a half after 40 hours each week ($33/hour).

You can expect to average 65-75 hours each week.

We pay for all of your flights and hotels while out on the road and also provide a daily per diem of $60 to pay for meals and other road expenses.

Drivers will work a 3 week on and 7-10 days off schedule. 

What kind of training and certification is required?

The requirements for pilot cars vary from state to state. Fourteen U.S. states now require training for pilot car operators. In WashingtonColorado Utah, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and New York, you must be officially certified in order to work as a P/EVO. Certification ensures that you have been given the skills and knowledge necessary to comply with the law, guide an Oversize Load safely along its route, and deal effectively with emergencies. 

The combined Washington and New York certification will allow you to operate nationwide thanks to reciprocity agreements between the states. 

The certification class we offer in New Orleans is scheduled for September 3-4, 2020, lasts for two 8 hour days, and the total cost $360. 

How do I apply for a driver position?
Send an email to contact@tamarackresourcesUSA.com with your resume and work experience, and any certifications you hold, and we will proceed from there. We look forward to hearing from you!




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